1st Bank Login

Video information and instructions on how to use 1st Bank Login:

1. Load the link below into your broswer:


2. In the log in panel, choose which transaction you will use: Online Banking, Internet Cash Management, or Business Credit Card Management.

3. Enter your User ID and password in the text field provided. 

4. Click Log in to proceed to the next page.

5. Follow the given onscreen instructions to finalize the log in.



Did you run into any problem logging in? Here is a step by step guide to reset your credentials:

1. Click the Forgot your password? link just below the Log in button.

2. Enter your User ID in the text field provided.

3. Enter your Social Security Number in the text field.

Are you a foreign customer without a Social Security Number or Federally assigned Tax ID number? You should contact 1st Bank directly so they can discuss it with you.

5. If you do not have an ATM or Visa Check Card, just tick the box below the ATM or Visa Check Card Number text field.

6. Click next to proceed.

7. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the credential reset steps.


Still having problems? To help you with that, you can directly contact 1st Bank to help you with your 1st Bank Login process:

Any 1st Bank Login Questions?

Call them

800-964-3444 (Toll Free)

303-237-5000 (Metro Denver)

Send an Email


For specific inquiries

Online Banking - 800-964-3444

Consumer Mortgages - 866-964-2040

Internet Cash Management -  855-426-1500

Business Services - 877-249-9980

Para Espanol - 877-394-2861

TDD for Hearing Impaired - 800-855-3444

Add this page to your bookmark to be able to check it once in awhile for changes in the 1st Bank Login procedure. We always try to give you the latest information about it which may help you in any issues in the future.